Q. Can you produce music for my game?


Yes, I can. Please contact me to discuss ideas.


Q. Can I use your existing music in my production?


I'm afraid not. Most of my music thats on youtube have been sold as Library Music.


Q. How long have you been producing music?


I began "producing" music when I was around 13 years old in a program called Dance Ejay.

I then moved on to Music 2000 on the playstation. I got my first computer when I turned 17.



Q. Do you play any instruments?


I usally say "I play the computer". But to be honest, I've been playing the paino since I was 6.


Q. What software do you use?


Cubase 8.5 Pro. I have alot of sample libraries and my main instrument is Kontakt.

My nr 1 sample library is "Scandinavian Roots Vol.1". Still waiting for Vol.2.


Q. Any tips for younger producers?


Try, fail, try, reproduce and listen. There are no wrongs, when producing music. Everything is allowed.

There are no "right ways" of doing things, and there are also no "wrong ways" of doing things.

If your way works - Use it!


Also - A good song is a good song, It doesnt have to sound 100% perfect. Its all about the music.



Q. Have you been working with Epidemic Sound?


Yes, I have. Serch for Andreas Ericson in their library and you'll find all of my songs I've made for them.






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